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TSL-Tirupati Rigid PVC Pipes are almost inert to corrosion and chemical reaction. Hence they can be used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water.

TSL-Triupati PVC pipes are used for various applications, some of which are as under:

  • Internal plumbing

  • Water and waste water suppliers - Domestic and Industrial

  • Irrigation and sprinkling system

  • Bore-well casing and suction pipes

  • Chemical processing plants

  • Ventilation of corrosive gases

  • Air / Vent system

  • Effluent lines

  • Ducting for power and communication cables

  • Re-lining of old sewers

  • Surface water drainage

  • Installation for brewery pipelines

  • Horticultural & Greenhouuse technology

  • irrigation of sports grounds

TSL-Triupati HDPE pipes have the following applications:

  • Portable water supply

  • Cooling / Chilled water line

  • Suction and delivery from well

  • Irrigation pipes

  • Chemical effluent disposals

  • Slurry transportation

  • Sewage & Dam line

  • Cable compressed

  • Compressed air line

  • Pipe line across water

TSL-Triupati Casing pipes are used for:

  • Bore well casings

  • irrigation lines

  • Liquid chemical distributions

TSL-Triupati Plumbing pipes can be used for:

Building Construction

These pipes are useful for concealed/exposed water lines to bathrooms, kithchen sinks, washbasins and laboratories.

Water Supply

These pipes can be used in commercial complexes, individual homes, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals and transport terminals to deliver water lines.

Industrial Applications

Distribution of milk, chemicals and gases in dairies, plants and industrial estates. In agriculture, telecommunication, irrigation projects etc.

TSL-Tirupati SWR Pipes are used for:

The Soil, Waste & Rain Water Drainage System are the ideal solution for drainage & sewerage application, owing to its superiority over conventional drainage systems.

UPVC SWR system is a set of pipes and fittings used to carry soil and waste from lines of Residential and Commercial complexes. They are generally used for:

Soil / Waste - line are connected to various excreta generation points such as lavatories, urinals and kitchens for smooth transportation of semi solid and solid waste along with water to main drain lines.

Rain - line to drain rainwater from rooftops, gutters, verandahs and balconies.