Product Range


TIRUPATI is synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction.


Company Profile


Tirupati Structuals Limited is empowered with outstanding manufacturing facilities at Sahibabad (UP) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand) with installed production capacity to process over 2000 MT per month. The units are equipped with latest innovative technologies and a strong team of highly motivated professionals and technically proficient workers to produce an unbeatable line of pipes and fittings, tanks and containers for diverse applications. TSL-Tirupati believe in a sustained process of innovation and diversification of their products. The company employs ultra modern machines in its process to ensure smooth and flawless production. TSL-Tirupati maintain large inventories to ensure uninterrupted and constant supply of products in the market. TSL-Tirupati's ever-growing products basket includes PVC pipes and fittings, SWR pipes and fittings, PC casing pipes, PE water containers and tanks, HDPE pipes, Plumbing pipes, PPR pipes and fittings, Sprinkler systems, Hand pumps and Solid waste management products. Many products are on the threshold of production and launch.


TSL-Tirupati believe in quality, whether it is with product, personnel or price, TSL-Tirupati;s product qualities are unmatched, prices are competitive and the teams of marketing and works personnel are the real strengh and resources to the organization.


The brand "TIRUPATI" is synonymous with quality and client satisfaction. Manufactured in accordance with the internationally accepted production norms and methods, TSL-Tirupati products rank high on every parameter of quality, durability and dimensions.


The following are the salient features of all TSL-Tirupati products.

  • Sturdy and robust design

  • High chemical resistance

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Crush resistance

  • Reduced flow resistance

  • Superior abrasion resistance