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PPR Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer raw material. The most important feature of PPR that distinguishes it from the other is that it could also be used in hot water systems besides being used in sanitary networks.

TSL - Tirupati PPRC Pipes are manufactured as per the norms of DIN 8007/8078 and Fittings as per DIN 16893. The exceptional heat stability and its corrosion resistance coupled with the ease of installation, which makes the TSL-Tirpuati PPRC the most reliable plumbing system for the hot and cold water applications with a service life excess of 50 years.

Made of the highest quality PPRC material, which is tested under extreme conditions & conforms to global quality standards for quality, our PPRC pipes are reliable & designed to give levels of performance in the face of the harshest of elements. Conforming to world-class standards of quality, they are extremely reliable & offer convenient & reliable installation in any plumbing system. Built to perform in tough conditions, they have an extremely long service life.

Features of TSL - Tirupati PPRC System:

TSL - Tirupati PPRC System provides a large number of benefits in handling cold and hot water; amongst many of its features are:

  • Easy to weld

  • Fast installation

  • Installation without scrap

  • Low cost

  • At 20oC it stands up to PN25

  • 50 years of service life is guaranteed

  • Can be used at 95oC

  • No corrosion

  • No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals

  • Doesn't contaminate drinking water with corrosion

  • No crack formation due to formation of ice under 0oC

  • Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions

  • Could be carried easily because of its weight being 1 8th of its metal substitute

  • Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost.