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SWR Pipes are available in 63mm, 75mm, 90mm & 110mm size in Grey colour.

Joint is to be made with O ring seal socket.

Salient Features and Advantages

  • Durability

  • High Flow Rate

  • Long Life

  • Leak Proof

  • Cost Effective

  • Low Installation Cost

  • Heat Resistant

  • Shock Proof

  • Chemical Resistant

Physical Properties

  • Co-efficient of Linear Expansion

  • Surface Resistance

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • Madulus of Elasticity

8 x 10-2 mm / mk
10.12 ohm
0.15 w / mk
3000 N / mm2

TSL uPVC SWR Pipes has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for soil. It is used to maintain the flow of waste water in the High-rise buildings. They are suitable to drain out the industrial wastage in chemical plants, sugar mills and food processing plants. They work as a best alternate to the Asbestos Cement and Cast Iron pipes.